One Year of Writing one song a day - 366 Songs

Yesterday was Day 366. 1 year of me writing one song a day. I would never have thought I could write 366 songs in my lifetime let alone writing them in one year.

Anything is possible if you can just commit to it. There were days when I did not feel like writing however I just wrote anyway. I did not try to judge if it was good or bad writing. I just let the words flow on the page.

I like to Rhyme but sometimes I did not and that is okay. Most of these songs would never be heard and that is okay. Some of the songs might be rubbish but that is okay. The most important thing is that I wrote and I am getting better by writing. I have also listened back to about 300 of them and I am very happy with over 10 percent of them and would be sharing some of them with the world soon. That is over 30 songs that I would not have had if I did not decide to start writing everyday.

You must simplify. One day at a time. Do not try to do too much. Make it easy for yourself so you have no excuse not to write. 

You have a choice, make the decision and start now.

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