Yo, I am excited to share this idea and observation with you. The Idea that it is absolutely possible ( and relatively easy once you make it a habit) to write one song a day. I have observed that once you make writing everyday (early in the morning) a habit and work out regularly (in the morning as well), you automatically start to drop bad habits like staying up or out too late, drinking too much, to name a few. I write one song a day and this has transformed my life. 

Think about the things you spend money on, most of them don't add any value to your life and they do not take you any step closer to achieving your goals. Will Smith said ''We spend money we do not have on things we do not need to impress people who do not care''. This time buy something that can be life changing for you. The guide costs £49.99. So for less than £1 a day (and for less than an hour a day) for 60 days you can transform your life. Make the commitment today. If you still choose not to pay for the guide, there is an alternative; please read Penalties and Accountability below;

Penalties and Accountability

If you have chosen not to pay for the guide then please agree with a friend or someone you really respect and would not want to let down, that if you do not write on any day during the 60 day period you would give them your full salary (Yes all of it) for that month. This way you have something to lose if you don't write daily. If you are in your teens or younger or not working and receive an allowance then agree with your mum, dad or the person giving you the money that you would not receive a month’s worth of your allowance if you do not write daily during the 60 days. You can also use a website called stickK to help you with accountability. If you have paid for the guide, you can also use penalties and accountability if you want, to help ensure you write daily, however this is optional as you have already sacrificed some cash upfront.


This is an Action Guide because you take action everyday for 60 days. The guide is written from a song writing perspective however, if you are trying to write a blog, a book or just want to be able to write consistently, you would still find this guide useful. Before you begin the guide, I would suggest you do two things:

1. Forget about writing a hit song 

When you try to write a hit, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself and in most cases you end up not writing anything. Just write every day and maybe after 100 or 1000 songs you would have a hit. It is your voice, use it as only you can. It is your story, tell it in your unique and weird way. What is a hit anyway? A hit song to me, might be absolutely rubbish to someone else. It is subjective so do not worry about it. Just write your story and I am sure there would be 1 or 2 people out there that would relate and possibly benefit from you telling it. You are not alone.

2. Forget about the fame, money, chart positions and awards

You would probably get these things anyway in the long run, however, focus on them distracts from the creative process. The peace of mind, internal satisfaction and confidence that you get from writing every day is priceless. It is also incredibly liberating. Legendary Artist Manager Shep Gordon who managed Alice Cooper, Anne Murray, Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross said fame is toxic . In the documentary Supermensch, Shep also said  '' I have spent my whole life making people famous but there is nothing about fame that I have ever seen that is healthy. It is something that is very hard to survive and has no intrinsic value unto itself ''. Fame doesn't matter, what you create does.


Things You would need for the guide:

  •  1.          GO TO BED EARLY:

    This is because each day, you would need to wake up at least 1 hour before you start getting ready for school, work or your activities for the day. The writing during the 60 days is done first thing in the morning after you wake up. I ask you to write first thing in the morning because if you leave it until later in the day, it simply would not get done. You would need that hour to write and follow the instructions in this guide. This would mean you need to go to bed early. Going to bed early is great, it means you get up early and your brain would feel a lot more refreshed, your body more energized than when you go to bed late. This simple habit of going to bed early and getting up early is powerful enough to transform your life.


    1.          A PEN AND NOTEPAD:


    Each night before you go to bed, keep your pen and notepad where you would see them once you get up in the morning. This is critical for you to be successful in writing daily. This helps to serve as a reminder once you get up in the morning.


    Or any device that can record lyrics, melodies, story ideas or anything that comes to mind while you are going about your daily business.

    To inspire and help me get in the zone each morning before I write, I tend to listen to a few songs on my headphones first. Sometimes for up to 15 minutes and if I have more time (on weekends mostly) even up to 30 minutes. I also sometimes imagine that I wrote the lyrics of whatever song I am listening to. These things help me, you can try them to see if they help you too. If you have something else that helps you get in the zone, use it

    I also do Brandon Carter’s 4 minute fast fat burning cardio for 4 days in the week (Tuesday - Friday). I then go for a run (either 5K, 10K or a half marathon) every Saturday morning. I do not work out on Sunday and Monday. My regular workouts help me to write one song a day and writing one song a day helps me do my workouts. It is a positive chain that gets stronger and harder to break over time. As you progress through the action guide, you would find that your workouts do not have to be as intense, they just need to be consistent. Consistency is the key. 

    You are not going to knock it out of the park every time you write. To put things in perspective, if you write one song a day you would have 365 songs at the end of the year. Some of these songs would never get heard, however even if only 10 percent are decent, that is 36 songs (36.5 but for easy counting lets use 36, you can give me the royalties for the half, I'll gladly accept, deal?). That is more than enough to make a 10 song album with another 26 songs to give (or sell) to other artists.

    Follow the instructions in this guide diligently and without judgement and you would be amazed at how easy it would be for you to write one song a day. Is it possible to write 5 or 10 songs in a day? Absolutely. However you don't need to. This is all about Minimum effort with Maximum effect in the long run.

    You would discover as you advance in the guide that it is not just about being able to write everyday but also and perhaps more importantly being able to create the environment which makes it easy for you to perform tasks and activities which in turn enable you to form the habit of writing everyday. 

    I have done my best to simplify the guide as much as possible because, I believe that in simplicity, lies power. Any thing that we intend to do for years and perhaps for the rest of our lives needs to be simplified in order for it to be sustainable.